Artwork Commission for Jeremy

This piece is a commission for Jeremy, a supporter and friend. Jeremy (Pharmacology) had been studying for 6 years for a super hard Toxicology specialty exam, it’s like that lawyers bar exam and few pass, I think he said there’s less than 100 of these specialists in the country.

Jeremy told himself that if he passed the toxic (☣️🤢) exam he would celebrate by adding another Barojas to his collection. Welllll… the homie passed on his first try!!! Way to fuckin go!
It is incredibly moving as an artist and human to have your talents and vision seen as a prize or reason to celebrate, in Jeremy’s case a culmination of 6 years of dedication and work, to be memorialized by one of my artworks. I was deeply touched & I am so thankful for the support and belief in my work.

The only element to be included was the logo of his fraternity which is a coiled red diamondback rattlesnake, the rest was up to me.
This piece would symbolize a triumph in life in the professional realm, so I focused on Jeremys professions in Pharmacology and now Toxicology. The rattlesnake is coiled within a mortar and pestle, essential tools in the lab and pharmacy, both medical symbols are obscured in the center from where the pattern eminates, which extends and bends around the frame. This piece is highly reactive to Chromadepth glasses (separates color fields red first blue last etc) giving it an extra added 3D effect with the glasses. Painted in acrylic and encased in resin.

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