ASTRALINK Mural Washington D.C.

NorthEast Washington DC

Dedicated to the connections that lie beyond the normal understanding we have of reality and reason.
This is a tribute to any and all bonds that defy explanation that give/present a strong force/feeling.
These ephemeral links/bonds are palpable, keeping us intertwined with life and each other even if we can only sense them.

This concept is represented in this mural by a couple nestled within an impossible object. These beings are created from shapes & forms in my artistic/visual language. These beings are holding hands beyond the impossible object representing a connection beyond reality and beyond reason.

This particular mural is dedicated to my “unkle” Rodrigo Pimentel who passed on during the production of this mural.
Rodrigo is an accomplished Mexican painter and the first painter/artist I met as a child. His colorful paintings at my home and also in relatives homes always brightened the rooms where they hung.
This early exposure truly had an impact/influence on me, consciously or unconsciously.
We share the same love/use of color in our artworks and an interest in mythological or cultural subject matters.
As an artist I would like to use this mural creation as a means to also say thank you Rodrigo for your presence in this temporal reality we are all blessed to experience together.

Painted for MuralsDC, DC Commission of Arts & Humanities, DC Public Works
Located on outside H Street Country Club

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