BLACK LIVES MATTER MURAL at Carter G Woodson Museum of African Art, St. Petersburg, FL.

I had the pleasure and honor to participate alongside other local artist in creating a Black Lives Matter Mural in front of the Carter G. Woodson African American Museum in St. Petersburg Florida.
This was a temendous honor and for this mural I chose the letter R. The letter R because of Rope5-R5 my artist name and also because it is the last letter. For the subject I chose a protestor marching forward, celebrating the accomplishments so far, and also reminding us to keep striving and moving forward towards all the changes that still need to happen to reach an equality that truly resonates our humanity. The protestor is holding a flag that says “FuturEquality” simultaneously stating the importance of a quality future and equality for all in the future.

This mural was featured on TV quiet a lot as well as being published in the TampaBay Times newspaper a couple of times, copies of the articles can be found here:

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