Children are the Seed – Mural – Puebla Mexico

New mural in La Loma Neighborhood in Puebla Mexico

The theme for this mural is children and their importance to humanity and the need for society to offer love and help in this world for the children’s future.

This mural embraces the notion of children as seeds for the future of humanity. Depicted is a little girl sprouting from a harvest field like a seed being born. This represents that children need to be nurtured, loved and cared for with a consistent dedication so that they may bloom like a harvest, therefore bearing fruit to a brighter future. The little girl is seen reaching out as she blooms and a helping hand is seen reaching in to provide help and care.
The little girl and hands are all painted in multiple skin tones to highlight the fact that as a society, we (all races) are responsible for helping and loving all children regardless of race color or circumstance. In each child is a seed with the possibility to manifest their existence in a positive and noble manner, therefore contributing the the benefit of humanity and our future in this world we must also nurture.

This mural was made possible by La Rueda Puebla (and Osel paints) which is a foundation dedicated to uplifting neighborhoods through murals and positive messages. They have been doing great work in the Puebla area of Mexico for over 6 years, and it was a pleasure and honor to be able to contribute this piece to the La Loma Neighborhood. The people of La loma embraced me and this mural fully and showed support by bringing me atole and tamales and memelas to eat and great vibes from all the eclectic characters of the neighborhood. The kindness and hospitality of La Loma was palpable and a gift I will never forget. This mural would not be possible without the continued assist from the good homie Sufre who worked with me every day making this mural happen. All the love & gratitude homie.

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