Florida Flora

This mural celebrates the diverse flora in the sunshine state.
The various flora that thrives within Florida os illustrated and then grouped by color and tone into different green color-fields.
The varios different green color-fields are set apart by shading the groups and hopefully creating a sense of depth into the piece, it is coupled with a seamless palm pattern that is intended to give the mural movement carrying you throughout the piece.
The center focus is a young tree or sapling and it is meant to symbolize new beginnings, new birth and new life.

This mural is 370 ft x 13.5 ft, that’s 4,995 square ft, or 464 square meters.
This mural is located at the corner or Okeechobee Blvd. & Australian Ave., these are the two main arteries into the downtown corridor and then the beaches in West Pam Beach.

This would not be possible without the help of my team, and it was made into reality by the City of West Palm Beach – ArtLife Commission and Florida Power, I am so grateful for such an opportunity to share with the people of West Palm Beach.
This mural will be seen by thousands and that brings joy to my heart.
Infinite Gratitude.

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