Nacotchtank Tribute – new mural Washington DC

Nacotchtank Tribute – new mural in Washington DC, located in the Navy Yard neighborhood.
The Nacotchtank are the original settlers of the Anacostia river area which makes up Washington DC today. This mural serves 2 purposes:

First and foremost a tribute in reverence for the ancestors and original keepers of this land. This small slice of wall in their old land is my humble honor to them.

This mural features my rendition of a Nacotchtank native depicted in a traditional “fortune teller” position. The earth serves as the crystal ball.
Native tribes often see themselves as keepers of the earth, to be the sacred protectors of Pachamama (mother earth).

This native is painted with patterns in multiple skintones, making the reference that we are all natives of planet earth, regardless of whatever divisions we impose upon ourselves.

As natives of this planet we have the ability to impact our future “fortune” in this earthly ball we call home.

May we seek and find the old ways of the ancestors where our home and planet was an embraced and incorporated member of everyone’s most dearest family.


Part of MuralsDC program in association with DC Arts & Humanities, DC Public Works.

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