Roar of the Jaguar Mural

Roar of the Jaguar
Located at Lealman Innovation Academy.

The mural features the school mascot: a blue jaguar with an eye patch to signify the spirit of the school, that strives forward regardless of past battles and issues.
The students at Lealman focus on more vocational teaching and education with a high graduation rate.

There are a pair of hands supporting each other in a helping embrace showing the help and support that both students and teachers provide for each other.

There are radiating circles and center diamond that creates a dynamic layout for the recognizable elements to create a complete design that wraps around both edges of the building.

The circles are painted in sunrise and sunset colors to signify the day and night and the dedication necessary for everyone to continue to build and achieve in life.

For this mural I had to meet with students and faculty prior to designing concepts to get information and to represent the spirit of the school. The overwhelming subject and theme from students was to represent the school mascot.

This mural was created with a mural grant and support from Creative Pinellas. Thank you so very much for the opportunity to contribute creatively to Lealman and the many great murals Creative Pinellas has helped produce.

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