Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Closing show at Museum of Art & History

The painting I did for the 30th anniversary of the legendary skateboard graphic “Screaming Hand” created by Jim Phillips was chosen to be part of the closing show at the Museum of Art & History in Santa Cruz California. Included are photos from the show as well as from a tour of the NHS skateboard museum. Also included is a vectorized version of my painting.

R5-Slimeballusion Screamimg_8318 img_7614 img_7608 img_7601 img_7586 img_7572 img_7570 img_7401 img_7385 img_7380 img_7378 img_7373 img_7372 img_7371 img_7368 img_7367 img_7365 img_7364 img_7353 img_7350 img_7349 img_7345 img_7344 img_7342 aoec1295

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