This is the concept presented in the “letter of intent” for the RFQ for the Creative Pinellas Traveling Art Grant. This concept was not chosen as a finalist and altho I assembled a team of 9 people from Pinellas county to form an impressive group of amazing talents, and stacks of letters of recommendation, it was not enough to meet the expected qualifications. The selected finalists (to whom i wish the very best) all have heavy public art, community engagement and educational backgrounds, which is fine yet the grant was pitched as open to all levels and disciplines, but the finalist choices reflect only established participants with deep deep resumes. Anyways, I put my entire heart and soul into this and I have never before been so engaged with an idea, project, team and grant. It truly was heartbreaking to be denied and took me several days etc to get over it, however I understand that is the nature of the beast when grants and art projects are concerned so failure and rejection are just part of the process or should i say part of the game. I have decided to showcase this letter of intent as a creative artwork showcasing conceptual thinking and idea.

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