Soul Reflection Painting

Soul reflection

This artwork can be interpreted in a couple of ways;
One way to see the artwork can be a reflection and connection that is created when you truly bond with someone else. Bonding with others is amazing and profound, creating the deep connections that link you together that truly form and shape friendships. These connections last through distance and frequency in the sense that you make friends in life that you are always bonded to, regardless of how long its been since you saw each other or how much time since you’ve spoken, when you’re together it feels like yesterday due to the established bond. This artwork is a tribute to those bonds and lifetime connections.

Another interpretation for the work is being your own best friend, it is important in life to be comfortable and loving with your own self and to be able to get along in your mind, body and soul. This fact is sometimes overlooked or we tend to set it aside and just stride through life doing what we feel necessary to exist and survive. This artwork can be understood as a reflection of your inner-self symbolizing the beauty and similarities with our subconscious and astral-self. The attributes of our soul are the energies that we palpitate and send out to the universe, these facets of ourselves exist in realms beyond cognition and understanding and it is important to honor and realize that we must be as aligned as possible with our inner-being. This artwork seeks to also touch upon the subject of being your own friend and companion, and the importance of being as in tune with yourself as possible, a challenge we all face and assimilate in our own way. 

This piece is on display at the Friend exhibit at Mize Gallery in St. Petersburg Florida
This piece sold about a week after the show opened

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