Taita Inti – Mural

Taita Inti – New Mural Tarpon Springs FL. – Pinellas Trail

This mural is a tribute to Father Sun and it is a showing of gratitude and an offering of my creative visions to the life giving light and heat of the sun.

The sun which greets us each day with beaming rays of light illuminating the sky and life on earth, is one of the most powerful forces we have in the universe, it is the center star of our galaxy and a presence and spirit beyond words and thoughts.

This mural is the last thing the sun sees before setting for the night, I like to think of it as my humble “Thank you SUN & Good night… great job! See you tomorrow”

This mural is a massive sun visible from a great distance, stylized with a multi-color seamless tiled pattern. This mural took me a lil over 2 weeks to finish and I put a lotta work into it, produced with only a ladder. The pattern is based on the sun from the Zia tribe which within its sun symbol is the reverence and honoring of multiple principles such as:

Up Side – The 4 SEASONS – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Down Side – The 4 DIRECTIONS – North, East, South, West
Left Side – The 4 parts of the DAY – Dawn, Daylight, Dusk, Dark
Right Side – The 4 parts of LIFE – Infancy, Youth, Adulthood, Oldage

This mural is located at the end/beginning of the Pinellas trail that spans all the way from St. Petersburg all the way up to Tarpon Springs where it is located. The sun rises behind the mural if you are facing it, and illuminates the sky for the entire duration of the day, crossing the entire trail, giving light to all people of the land.

This is a partnership between Pinellas County and Creative Pinellas Pinellas County

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