TampaWalls Mural Festival – POW-WOW – WorldwideWalls

Finished mural!
Titled: Pondering on the planes of perception
Tampa Florida – 117 ft. X 6.5 ft

This mural is a tribute to the connections and realms that lay beyond our cognition.
It features a being created from shapes in my visual language that is taking a moment to enjoy, relax and connect. Dedicated to the seekers that sense something else out there.

The pattern features the “Triskele” or Triskelion” which is an ancient Celtic symbol, what resonates with me are some of the multiple attributes given to the symbol and the 3 spirals.
Past – Present – Future
Earth – Water – Sky
Life – Death – Rebirth
But my favorite attribute is the representation of 3 worlds:
Spiritual – Physical – Celestial

The stencil pattern was individually applied to create a seamless pattern which also rotates making it an additional challenge to apply.

The background has 2 opposing circles which have a radiating gradient and Intersect in the center.
The warm colors are painted where the sun first hits the wall, and the cool colors where the sun last brightens the wall.
This location was challenging being so horizontal, I tried to incorporate both the trees in the foreground and also those in the background. This integration is with the hopes of creating a mural that plays with the planes of sight and in-between a natural and imagined reality working together for a larger overall artwork.

Part of Tampa-Walls mural festival, thank you for the opportunity to create such a personal piece, part of Worldwide-Walls formerly known as Pow-Wow Worldwide.
Worldwide-Walls is a mural initiative that has created hundreds of murals worldwide since its inception years & years ago.

Located across the street from the amazing souls and space at GrassRoots Kava in Tampa – Florida Ave.


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