The Break Room Murals – Bozeman Montana

New mural in Bozeman Montana
For the upcoming The Break Room beer lounge. Total of 5 murals.

This mural features wildlife from the state of Montana, including moose, bear and wildcat. These characters are sharing space and a beer with the Bridger Mountain range in the background. This is the main wall featured in The Break Room.

This mural is an artistic interpretation of the god Aegir.
Aegir One of the most important figures in Norse mythology was Aegir or Ægir. Loved and feared as the Commander of the Sea, he also earned great respect among the Germanic tribes as brewer for the Gods of Asgard. His huge underwater feast hall was the one place where the Gods couldn’t fight, or they’d be bannished from Aegir’s Hall forever. A serious punishment since the place had drinking-horns that magically refilled themselves with the best ale and mead in the Nine Worlds.

These 2 murals are a portal that incorporates inspiration from visual illusions and architectural doorways as inspirations. The doorways create a portal into the visual illusion, the optical illusion adds movement and depth to the portal.

This mural features an anatomical heart made out of hope and barley and wheat veins.

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