“The rising of the 6th sun” Miami Mural for The RAW Project during Art Basel 2019

Photo by Dr. Derek from Chop Em Down Films

This mural is the 3rd ive painted in Miami with the RAW Project, which paints schools with mural to inspire the kids, this piece is located in the inside courtyard of Jose de Diego Middle School in Wynwood Miami.

“The rising of the 6th sun” is based on Aztec mythology, in 2012 when everyone thought the world would end because of the mayan calendar,, it actually was just the ending of a calendar cycle and the beginning of a new cycle.

The calendar is based of many circles rotating within each other and the start-end of each cycle takes thousands of years. Each of these calendar cycles are reigned by or have a designated sun for that cycle.

ALL of modern humanity is during the time of the 5th sun. WE ARE THE FIRST GENERATION IN HUMANITY TO LIVE UNDER A NEW SUN!

Lets use our existence to manifest a new reality for eternity. I challenge you to live life with light and love within as well as externally with others.

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